These two… Also a new blog post where I pretty much just barf out thoughts about mortherhood and babies! Weeeeee!

I get two days this week! 👍 Stoked!

Mondays are my favorite!

I’m over on my friend @rlarsenweaver’s blog today for her Wabi Sabi series! Go see our messy house! :) Link on my blog!

Happy Easter!

Between the snow and Waffles my daffodils got trampled. This is my attempt and rescuing some of them!

Heading out for my run I found this little fella blooming all by himself in the middle of the yard! Also, new yard post on the blog today!

Happy Wednesday! New post on the blog!

Come home from school, feed a baby!

Love notes that come down the laundry shoot when I’m in the basement doing laundry and Logan is upstairs in the bathroom getting ready for bed. God I love him! ❤️

I will not lie, I’m listening to P.M. Dawn as I write this post because for some reason, they just seem rain appropriate. I feel like there was always some type of rain sequence in their videos or maybe it’s the piano that makes me think rain. Either way, the are just always kind of fitting for typing out thoughts. Some people love rain, some people hate it. I’ll admit that after days and days of gloomy rainy weather, it can get depressing but, it takes a lot of them to get there for me. I’m a lover of rain. The sound of it immediately soothes me and can lull me to sleep in minutes. I love to watch it rain and love the smell of rain even more. We worked in the yard all day yesterday and you could smell it, just hanging there, waiting until night. Rain means warmer weather, flowers, the change from brown to green, rainbows, relief from summer heat and it always brings back a flood of memories. Memories of swimming in the lake while it rained, mornings in Tulum on our honeymoon, watching storms on the front porch with my dad as a kid, all good, happy memories. 

Photo taken after a morning rain as the sun rose on our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico.

I figured out how to get Waffles to stop whining when Daniel is here, let her snuggle him. That’s all she wants.Best friends.

Date night with this handsome kid! We decided to finally stop and see the mural that @nosego did over the weekend! Pictures do not do it justice.

Just another day in the life of Waffles…

A new post up about raising a teenager and realizing they have pieces of your personality that you really wish they didn’t. #truth