My lap. Happy Sunday!

Asked by the always gorgeous @monstamash to share one #fromthecuttingroomfloor. Meant to post a whole blog post surrounding this photo about making your bed and of course, it’s never happened so here is the photo at least! Care to share @guerreiroclaudia @raquellalily @rachkincaid

So in love with this book that @marycate01 made of our wedding photos for our anniversary! Such a thoughtful gift! I keep looking through it over and over again!

A last and final The Wears on the blog!

Our trip to Chicago is on the blog. One of my favorite shots I took of @grayblue!

Snuggle central over here.

So long Chicago! It was an awesome weekend spent eating all the carbs, the Art Institute, lots of drinks and an awesome massage. P.S. I’m taking the drive home to IG excorsist my IG account. I’ve already gone private. Might sound crappy but I’m here to share and connect and if we aren’t doing that then it’s time to say so long! IG is not numbers game, or a popularity contest, it’s all about people sharing, documenting their lives in hope of building a connection, at least to me it is! ❤️

Beautiful view from our room…

Spent the first half of our morning at the Art Institvte Chicago. Next, foooooooooodddddd!

One year ago today I married the most amazing man. I’m so thankful for him every single day, even on our bad days. No one has ever loved me, supported me and taken care of me and my son the way that he has. Thank you so much for being such an amazing husband @grayblue, I love you!

We made it! Now we are going to drink some champagne and hit the town! I apologize now for the constant posting that may or may not ensue! Cheers!

Selfies with Logan! Never a dull moment. Accordig to him, “you see mom, the trick is to take like 30.” Hahaha!

So long dark curtains! Let there be light and more plants! So glad I finally have a Sunday to work on the house and get some much needed project done!

So thankful for amazing neighbors like Emily who bring over beautiful fall flowers in vintage milk glass, just because!

Lots of photos from our visit to Johnny Appleseed this weekend up on the blog! Holy shit I blogged twice in a week!