My grandma and I grabbed the last of the Sweet Annie in the whole festival! I’ve put it all over the house and it smells AMAZING!

My grandma and I grabbed up the last of the Sweet Annie in the whole festival! It smells AMAZING!!

Heading out to the Johnny Appleseed Festival with the women in my fam! So glad it’s cool enough for felt hats durring the day! Hell yeah!

Pondering life…

Today is my handsome son’s birthday. He is 14. It’s mind blowing to think he is a teenager when it feels like only yesterday he was placed on my chest and time stood still as I was in awe of this beautiful human being. We have walked a long path together. A very bumpy path at times. But through at all we have remained bonded, close and tell eachother we love the other many times a day. I am so thankful he is mine. He makes me so happy and proud to be a mother. Happy birthday my Logan!

Bored waiting to go meet my cousin for dinner so I spend a lot of time “getting ready” (which really means I put on lipstick and curled my hair) so nothing else to do but… Hotel selfie. Last minute work travel this week, Logan’s birthday is on Saturday. How have 14 years gone by so quickly? I need to get his b-day party booked. I need to clean my house this weekend. I should have gone for a run but you know, time. Ugh, but I ate a huge cookie. I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon AGAIN!! I’m feeling like i can never have it all together all at once, something always gets dropped. Alone time makes so many thoughts go through my head.  This is just a small portion. Thanks for listening.

I was tagged by Miss @zenmasterflash to list 10 things that make me happy! 1// Logan 2// handsome husband 3// my pups 4// SUGAR!! 5// laughing until I cannot stop and tears are running down my face (this happened Friday and it was awesome)  6// Sushi 7// road trips, even an hour away 8// Fall 9// being outside 10// a clean house. // I’m pretty borring but I like it that way. ;)

Home from work, time to relax… P.S. This is the best pumpkin beer we have ever tried!

Windoe watcher

Coffe and a walk to a spa party with this wonderful human being @jean_dear, on this beautiful afternoon and then had mojitos at a spa party that @maryrichardson12 threw! Good Sunday!

I’ve always admired and envied people that can paint. The way they can make these images in their head come out on to a canvas, create deapth with color, make you feel something with just brush strokes boggles my mind and I find it fascinating. I am not one of these people but have always wondered what would come out if I painted. What will come out of me? So, I decided it’s time to find out. Wish me luck! If it sucks I will never speak of this ever again! Haha!

So glad all my rose bushes are still going strong! The little white one is still my favorite! Need to plant more of those next year.

Me :: Will you take my picture?           Gray :: Yeah, flannel?                        Me :: Yep!

Terrarium building with Logan tonight! Trying to make one as pretty as @christineocaptain made but I don’t think it’s possible!

Between allergies, boredom from being grounded and being without his glasses, he has been wiped out almost every day after school.