Today I put my notice in at a job I’ve worked for 4 years unhappily, that I felt I never grew at and quitting felt amazing. Like a giant leap forward. I accepted a position this weekend with a new company that I have no doubts I will grow and thrive at. Today felt good in so many ways. And my new glasses came! And Waffles kisses!

Today has been AMAZING! Came home from a great morning meeting, my husband bought me some these new shoes and told me he has planned a surprise anniversary trip for us, got all of Logan’s school shopping done and saw Guardian’s of the Galaxy! Hell yeah!

I might be on my second cupcake that my super sweet neighbor @christineocaptain dropped off! My night got all screwed up because I’m an idiot but hey, it’s Friday and… Sugar!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy it makes me that a company like @huffingtonpost is dedicating an entire week to positive pit bull awareness! As you probably all know, Waffles is a pit bull and has been beyond amazing with our nephew and all children. She is Daniel’s constant companion, his protector and is constantly giving him as many kisses as she can. She watches over him every moment he is here. It is in her breed, in her blood to act this way because her breed wants nothing but to be loved and be loyal. It breaks my heart that this breed is given such a terrible reputation. Our sweet girl and so many other pit bulls are full of nothing but pure love. #positivepitbullawareness #pitbullsofinstagram

#tbt I miss Logi’s big hair! He hates it this long but I love it!

So tired. I could fall asleep and not wake up until tomorrow. But, it’s Logan and I’s date night so now to decide on where to eat. I always secretly hope he picks sushi! Fingers crossed! 🍣

Pretty little lady

New Mama Diaries on the blog about saying no.

I will fully admit that when I am bored, sometimes I take pictures of myself and then try and edit them in weird ways. This is one from last Friday that didn’t get posted. Thanks for asking me to participate in one #fromthecuttingroomfloor @oh_youprettythings 😘! Would @mamainbloom @tigerlillyquinn @dollyandfife  like to share?

Finally time for fresh garden tomatoes + goat cheese = my favorite summer snack. Even though it feels like fall and not summer today. Now if only my cherokee purples would ripen!

Being a bad aunt and letting him taste a lot of the powedered sugar from my funnel cake! Ooops!

I never actually shared this photo on my feed and it’s too good not to. @lucamonchou asked me to share one #fromthecuttingroomfloor. Thanks for thinking of me lady! I tag anyone that wants to play along!

He really likes that bathroom rug.

Awesome friends send you surprise mail that includes amazing, super 70’s indoor gardening books! Thank you so much @bathawk! I cannot wait to read it!

The best… ❤️