I was tagged by the sweet and beautiful @mamainbloom to share my 10 favorite things! I have way more than 10 but here goes! 10// Catching someone completely rocking out to a song in their car! Makes me smile every time! 9// Using exclamation points instead of periods!! I’m not yelling, I’m just excited!! Don’t get it twisted! 8// Riding horses, caring for them, i love everything about them! 7// eating doughnuts, cupcakes and cake like it’s my damn job! 6// Plants of all kinds! I’m so excited to start working on our new yard! I have big shipment of bulbs on their way! 5// When i sit down on the couch and waffles tried to curl up in my lap like she is a 5 pound dog. She’s 60 pounds fyi 4//hearing a song I haven’t heard in years that instantly takes me back to a specific moment in time. It’s a magical feeling. 3// Being an aunt! 2// The fact that my husband @grayblue loves me for the complete weirdo that I am. 1// That Logan still comes into any room I’m in just to talk and always asks how my day is. Being a mom is always my favorite! I tag @rlarsenweaver @thestorkandthebeanstalk @herwelshness @sososteph and @littlellama

I’ve teamed up with Alexz the owner of @birdtrouble for an awesome giveaway! It’s a limited run since the fabric is vintage! Come on over to the blog to learn more about Bird Trouble and get your booty entered! www.roserunswild.com

HOME // A LESSON IN PATIENCE on the blog. www.roserunswild.com

The weekend is on the blog! www.roserunswild.com

House is clean and fresh linens on the bed. One of the best feelings I know…

Good morning!

Nothing but snuggles, all day long.

Cupcakes from Crumbs and a manicure. Besides the snow, that makes a pretty good birthday so far! Still looking forward to sushi and a few rounds of lazer tag!

Ombre makes everything better!

Family early birthday dinner and baby holding on the blog! www.roserunswild.com

He’s pretty much the best! Also, i took this photo to make him post a decent photo of me on his Instagram. Every photo he has up of me, I either look like I’ve had a stroke or I’m sleeping/drooling. Truth, I have no shame.

These two…

Alexz from @birdtrouble is this months’s The Growing contributor on the blog today! I bought one of her wallets over a year ago and it has held up better than any other wallet i have ever owned! Bonus, i get compliments on it all the time! She does amazing work and just launched her new spring line! Check out her post on the blog and her new line! www.roserunswild.com

Always finds the sun…